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RemoteApp Express is a complementary utility application for Remote Desktop Services. This application provides an easier and quicker (express) way to open a document file with RemoteApp. From local machine:

  • Right click on a Word file (or any document file like Excel, PDF, PowerPoint, Visio, AutoCad, etc)  and Open it with default associated program on RDSH server
  • Double click on a file and the file will be opened with default associated program on RDSH server via  RemoteApp Express program.
  • Unlike File Type Associations feature of RemoteApp on Windows 2008 and Windows 2012 that requires each file type must be associated with a RemoteApp RDP file on the local machine (.docx with MSWord.rdp, .xlsx with Excel.rdp, etc), RemoteApp Express uses a common launcher program on the server side, so there is only 1 .RDP file to distribute on the local (client machine)

* Only specific file type allowed by Administrator configured on the server can be opened for preventing security issue. Only document file type (no executable file type) can be opened. 

Download the document for more detail

This program, in any kind, is not for competing with the new product Citrix XenApp Express announced by Microsoft, which will replace Microsoft Azure RemoteApp in 2017. It's only an enhancement, an easier way of use of Microsoft RemoteApp on RDSH Server.

Version 1.6 released on Jan 19, 2019.

Version 1.0 released on Oct 15, 2016.


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