Remote Desktop Mailto for Remote Desktop Services (Terminal Server) and CITRIX is a utility program that can handle mailto command on the server and create a new Microsoft Outlook email on the client machine from a remote session on the RDSH Server or Citrix. This program can especially create email with file attachment, which was not possible with mailto command in almost other email client programs.

RDMailto version 1.0 can only attach file on the local machine to new email. File must exist on the local machine. This version works well on Windows 2008 R2 (recommended) and previous versions.
RDMailto version 2.5 (not available in free version - send an email to request a demo version) can transfer file from server to client and attach to new email
RDMailto version 2.6 available for both RDS and CITRIX. A special version for VMware Horizon View is also available.

- The command line syntax of Remote Desktop Mailto is similar to Mailto protocol command. Under a remote session (RDP), open a DOS command prompt and type:

RDMailto.exe "; is email subject&body=this is email body&attachment=c:\my documents\my doc1.doc;c:\my document\mypdffile.pdf"

mailto:? part is mandatory, either it is empty. Ex:
RDMailto "mailto:?subject=This is the subject"

- Multiple emails must be separated by a semicolon, i.e:
RDMailto.exe "; is the subject"

Cc and Bcc can be used too:
RDMailto.exe " is the subject"

Multiple files attachment must be separated by a semicolon, i.e:
RDMailto.exe " is the subject&attachment=c:\file1.doc;c:\file2.pdf"

Files must exist and be accessible from the client workstation

If drive mapping feature is enable on Terminal Server, the client drive can be used with mapped name like: \\tsclient\c\file1.doc => this will be converted to c:\file1.doc on the client machine when the file is being attached

File name may contain environment variable, but it must be preceded with ^ Escape character.
RDMailto.exe " is the subject&attachment=^%USERPROFILE^%\documents\file1.doc"

New in version 2.5 - April 2016 (email to request a demo version):

If drive mapping is enable, use /T in parameter option to transfer the file from server to local machine:
RDMailto.exe " is the subject&attachment=c:\file1.doc;c:\file2.pdf" /T

These two files c:\file1.doc and c:\file2.pdf will be transferred from server to %TEMP% folder on the local machine then attached to the new email

New in version 2.8 - May 2020 (email to request a demo version):

By default, files will be transferred from server to %TEMP% folder on local machine before being attached. The new version 2.8 adds option to specify the target folder on the local machine where files will be copied. Note that for the security reason, files that were transferred from the server would be removed after being attached to the new email. 

Log information has been added on both client and server for troubleshooting purpose.

- Send invoice pdf file generated on Remote Server using local Outlook email. Can be used with a batch utility for multiple emails. Sent emails will be saved in Outlook Sent folder.
- From custom application (or a .bat / script file) on Remote Server, call this program to create email on local machine with attachment. Email content can be pre-formatted with HTML code.


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