Remote Executer permits, through the virtual channel, to execute a command line on the client machine from a remote session on the Terminal Server. Using this utility, user can launch any program with parameters on the client side. The program can be also configured to redirect http (https, ftp, ftps) link from server to open on the local machine.

This utility program provides similar Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop 's "Host to client redirection" feature on Terminal Server (Remote Desktop Services), for example:

  • Redirect url or any protocol (http, https, ftp, callto, tel, skype, etc...) to open (in the browser) on local/client machine
  • Redirect http link with the possibility to filter out certain links with Black List or White List
  • Redirect url in an Outlook email or in a Word (Excel, Acrobat Reader, etc) to local machine
  • Redirect mailto command from Terminal Server/Citrix to create new email on local/client machine
  • Run a program/command line with parameters on local/client machine
  • Open a document file (PDF, Word, Excel, etc) with default associated program on the local/client machine
  • Print a document file (PDF, Word, Excel, etc) on the default printer installed on the local/client machine
  • Worked with Remote Desktop Services, Citrix XenApp, XenDesktop, Microsoft Azure RemoteApp (will be replaced with Citrix XenApp Express)
  • Compatible up to Windows 10 / Windows 2016 RemoteApp

Use case examples:

1 - When installing Open Dental program (open source for Dental domain on Remote Desktop Services Host Server as a RemoteApp, there is possiblility to create a "Bridge" to other programs. Among these programs, Apteryx XrayVision ( is one of most popular softwares as Xray Image Viewer. Usually the Xray Images and the Xray machine are installed in the local office. In that case Remote Executer can be used to send a command line from RDSH Server to the local machine to launch the Xray Viewer program.

2 - When running a published RemoteApp program, the real instance of the that program is running on the server. What end user sees on his/her screen (local machine) is a refreshment graphic image of that program screen on the server, that why when a RemoteApp program with heavily use of graphic like a webpage with Flah, Youtube video or high definition photo the machine might become unresponsive, servers resources will be heavily consumed. In this case, the best solution is to redirect the webpage with the flash or video to run on the local side. With Remote Executer, it's possible to configure for all the YouTube  pages will be launched in the browser on the local machine by using WhiteListe option.

Download the document for more detail.

Notes: Remote Executer for Citrix works only with Windows 2008/R2 and previous version

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RemoteApp Express is a complementary utility application for Remote Desktop Services. This application provides an easier and quicker (express) way to open a document file with RemoteApp. From local machine:

  • Right click on a Word file (or any document file like Excel, PDF, PowerPoint, Visio, AutoCad, etc)  and Open it with default associated program on RDSH server
  • Double click on a file and the file will be opened with default associated program on RDSH server via  RemoteApp Express program.
  • Unlike File Type Associations feature of RemoteApp on Windows 2008 and Windows 2012 that requires each file type must be associated with a RemoteApp RDP file on the local machine (.docx with MSWord.rdp, .xlsx with Excel.rdp, etc), RemoteApp Express uses a common launcher program on the server side, so there is only 1 .RDP file to distribute on the local (client machine)
  • Compatible up to Windows 10 / Windows 2016 RemoteApp

* Only specific file type allowed by Administrator configured on the server can be opened for preventing security issue. Only document file type (no executable file type) can be opened. 

This program, in any kind, is not for competing with the new product Citrix XenApp Express announced by Microsoft, which will replace Microsoft Azure RemoteApp in 2017. It's only an enhancement, an easier way (express) of use of Microsoft RemoteApp on RDSH Server.

Download the document for more detail

Version 1.0 released on Oct 15, 2016.

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Remote File Transfer is a small utility that transfers file from the Terminal Server (Citrix or Remote Desktop Services ) to the client (local) machine, the file then can be:

  • opened with the default associated program installed on the client machine.
  • printed on the default printer installed on local machine.
  • attached to a new Outlook email on local machine like Send to Mail recipient
  • from MS Word via a macro, provide Send document as attachment to local machine

This program can be also configured to provide Content Redirection feature like with Citrix XenApp for any type of file.
For example, from an Outlook email, when double clicking on an MS Word or PDF attached file, the file will be transferred to local machine and opened with the default associated program.

Download the document for more detail.

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Virtual Channel COM Service Framework for Remote Desktop Services (Terminal Server) / Citrix solution is a set of drivers and components that provide the communication service between applications on the server and COM objects on the client side.

In the real world, applications running on the Terminal Server / Citrix usually need to make call to the client machine to perform special tasks as controlling specific devices (ticket printer, cash drawer, MSR, MICR, Electronic Signature Pads - all Topaz models, etc) or launching / connecting-to an application instance on the client machine (Active X programs as Word, Excel, Outlook, etc).

Currently, there is no solution for this specific need. Application developers for Citrix / Terminal Services solutions usually have to spent a lot of time to do research on a portable solution for this problem.

Virtual Channel COM Service Framework is designed to provide application developers an easy, efficient, portable and flexible way to archive the most tedious tasks of communication between the server and the client machine. Application developers do not need to know how the function call is forwarded to the client side, and how the result is received and if an error occurs, all information is sent back to the caller as in a normal program.

Virtual Channel COM Service Framework provides VB developers the quickest way to do their work as they usually do with Visual Basic in the world of COM based development. For C++ developer (or other programming language supporting COM as Delphi, PowerBuilder and .NET), the framework provides a COM based standard set of methods for normal uses.
This framework has been tested and used with Visual Basic, Visual C++, PowerBuilder, Delphi and .NET.

Virtual Channel COM Service Framework is available for both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows.

A special version of Virtual Channel COM Service Framework supports VMware PCoIP protocol using in VMware Horizon View. 

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Remote Desktop Mailto for Remote Desktop Services (Terminal Server) is a utility program that can, through the virtual channel, create a new Microsoft Outlook email on the client machine from a remote session on the Terminal Server. This program can especially create email with file attachment, which was not possible in almost other email client programs.

RDMailto version 1.0 does not work with Windows 2012/R2 server.

RDMailto version 2.5 (not available in free version) can work with Windows 2012/R2 and can attach files on the server

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Remote Mailto Handler is an ulitiy program for RemoteApp. Using this program to handle mailto command on the local machine, each time a mailto link is clicked,  the mailto string will be launched in the RemoteApp (Outlook) on the Remote Desktop Server

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Remote Application Center is a simple program that permits controlling access to applications installed on Terminal Server. Applications are published on the server and user can run it directly from shortcut on the client side. Compatible with Windows 2000/2003 and Windows 2008 with Remote Desktop Services.

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